Andox and Box have arrived

Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in News, Updates

Hello Bashers, we have quite a bit to announce today. Lots of new features and fixes are in this build. We are most excited to tell you is that  Andox and Box have been released in BHB. There are four new toys to choose from as well as two weapons. For the old and new Andox/Box fans BHB not only has the original duo but 2 special editions that you can’t find anywhere else. You can check out the new toys and play the game on Facebook & Spicyworld, as well as Kongregate.




Original AndoxHe’s an energetic and mischievous combatant. His monochromatic aspect serves as incomparable camouflage and masks an exotic and colorful character.


Special Edition – Astronaut Andox

Astronaut AndoxAmong countless extraordinary accomplishments, Andox ventured into deep, deep space. He found it dusty, silent, and altogether much too tame to exercise his multiple talents. But he loves the neat suit.



Original BoxHis origin in the sign of the crab explains his methodical, calm manner under pressure. But it won’t explain his mastery of stealth nor the supple dance moves that make him an elusive target.


Special Edition – Fighter Pilot Box

Fighter Pilot BoxWhile Box is a playful master of disguise, he often dons the serious gear of an ace fighter pilot, openly declaring, without irony, his admiration for the courageous, clever World War II flyboys.



Andox’s Gamma Gun

Gamma GunNikola Tesla would be proud! This still-classified gun fires a terminal combination of gamma ray and laser bursts. And the enemy can’t hide behind an obstacle. Your ray can reflect off a surface at 90 degrees and  nail ‘em.


Box’s M1 Sniper Rifle

M1 Sniper RifleThis is an inventively customized version of the M10903 Springfield. Famous for long-range, lethal accuracy. Its telescopic sight provides a superb view of the craters of the moon while you wait for action.