Mobsters, Weapons, Boosters and more!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in News

Hello Bashers,

Big news for our latest update. One new brand with 3 toys and 3 weapons. New Death Boosters added and BOTS were updated.

A new toy brand has arrived in the Toy Store. Mobsters’ toys are now available. There are three Toys to choose from.

We have Boss Louie the Tiger, Bruce the Muscles the Bear and Wise Crackin’ Joe the Owl. These tough guys also came packing heat.

The new weapons include Molotov Cocktail, Blue Flamethrower and a Tommy Gun.


Also new to BHB is the additional of Death Boosters. A new class of carnage has graced the stores.

Death Boosters allow you to customize your kills in BHB. After buying and equipping the new boosters, every kill allows you to see some explosive action. Currently there are 7 boosters to choose from.

Flaming Corpse
Green Flaming Corpse
Blue Flaming Corpse
Blood Bath
Super Dung

If you wish to see them in action, hop into BHB today and check it out.

Lastly, BOTS have been rebalanced.

Check our forums for more information.